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Creating a Color Story

Choosing a color story can set the tone for an entire room and it says a lot about you and your space. Is the area welcoming and warm or is it on the austere side? Are guests going to kick back and relax here or are they going to have a party? All of these feelings can start from color, so choosing the right one(s) is important and there are several ways to do it. Here are some tips with examples following:

1. Choosing a Color Story from a Pattern in the Room

An exciting way to pull a space together is to find an inspiration piece. This could be a rug, a piece of artwork, or possibly an upholstery pattern, as seen in the photo below. Work your way through the colors of the pattern and pick your favorite to highlight throughout the space.

2. Lead with the Main Areas of the Home

The main areas of the home, like the entryway, living room, or dining room, are a great place to start in your design process. After you establish your color story in these spaces, you can then find ways to utilize these inspirations throughout your home.

3. Get to Your Closet

One of my favorite ways to establish a color story is through clothing. People generally buy colors that they love and that compliment who they are. You can approach designing your home in a similar way: if you wear a lot of emerald, then pump up the volume and use green!

4. Go Black

There is something magical about the color black. It plays nicely with most colors and works well on walls, upholstery, or accessories. When you want to bring a bit of dramatic edge to a space, think about going black. You won’t regret it.

5. Small Doesn’t Have to Mean Boring

If you’re dealing with a small space, you don’t always have to paint it white to make it seem bigger. Although white is definitely an option, why not try a color with a bit more pop? Choosing a saturated and/or bold color for a small space is a great way to elevate the area.

Bonus Tip: Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls in any space can give the room a feeling of expansion.

6. Three is Good

In some cases, I like to limit my color story to three colors max. A restrained color palette can scream luxury when done the right way. Pick a few colors to work with and really focus on pumping up the volume with various textures and patterns within those hues.

These are just a few ideas for creating a color story. Traders Haven Design uses these tricks to create fun, fresh, and luxe spaces for out clients. I hope you find them just as helpful as I do and put them to good use!

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