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I always say that you have to "give your design room to grow."  As we change and evolve as individuals, so should our homes.

New York City based designer Anthony discusses the importance of remaining flexible in our design aesthetics and how that flexibility creates what he calls "legacy in the home"


HGTV Dream Home

As the lead designer for his own company, Traders Haven Design, New York-based designer Anthony Dunning is responsible for the creation of beautiful spaces in many homes and businesses. His own home, a two-story apartment in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, is a living portfolio of his design ideas, and a design-lover's dream.





This past year has been difficult for all of us in different ways.  The world was suddenly and abruptly put on pause due to the pandemic.  However, it seems that the world is on a bit of a rebound, and things are cranking back up slowly, but surely.  During this quarantine period, I have put a major focus on expressing my POV and pushing the boundaries of my creativity.  This brings me to my latest project! 


I don't know about you all, but I have been a huge fan of Legends of La Cienega for years.  Legends is a major annual design extravaganza, which some refer to as the Fashion Week/Met Gala for the Interior Design industry.  Usually, it is a three-day event held annually the first week of May consisting of various parties, book signings, design panels, and much more.  The event is attended by the creme de la creme of the design industry.  This year LCDQ will host #LCDQStrong, a virtual event, on May 5, 2021, with panel discussions and personal appearances online, and a new component that involves digital window displays!

The hallmark of the LEGENDS has been the fascinating transformation of the windows of the LCDQ member shops and showrooms on the theme for that year.  Due to Covid-19 LCDQ had to cancel that in 2020.  But this year they will celebrate the concept of LCDQ windows in a new, fun, creatively hybrid concept-- by way of creative window renderings on the theme of LOOKING FORWARD.  The theme is all about what YOU are looking forward to post-pandemic! The idea is to capture the feeling and desire of what is to come as 2021 continues to unfold. I am excited to share that I will be bringing my interpretation of the theme as the 2021 representative for KREISS furniture, one of my favorite showrooms in the LCDQ. 


Gold Drapes.png

Together again...

mood board.jpg







I will be sourcing the majority of my items from shops in the LCDQ.  The design features various pieces from KREISS whom I have the pleasure of representing this year!  I will be taking pieces and reimagining and curating a space that is exciting and fun.

DESIGNER_AD x BIDN_The Iconic Home 2020.


So excited to announce that we are one of 16 firms from across the country behind The Iconic Home, coming this November. Presented by @archdigest and the @blackinteriordesignersnetwork, this first-of-its-kind designer showhouse is a unique digital experience celebrating the unparalleled talent of the Black design community. Mark your calendar: Doors to the virtual show house are open November 18-24, 2020.







After 6 weeks of discovery and exploration, we have finally made it to week 6 of the One Room Challenge High Point Market Edition.  When I began this journey, I had some knowledge about the magic of Megan Thee Stallion.  However, I am coming away from this experience with an even deeper appreciation for her.  Megan's message of female empowerment, and living your best full life is extraordinary.  As we discussed in week 1, I set out to build Megan her own Resort Style Retreat. My idea of Resort Style is to bring a sense of escape and vacation vibe to an area in your home.  One of the most exciting aspects of Restort Style is that this area in your home can be a completely different aesthetic and vibe from the rest of your place.  With that in mind, you have the opportunity to go BOLD!    









It's the final week before the reveal.  Things are getting so REAL!  Are you bursting at the seams with anticipation?  I know that I am.  We have learned so much about Meg in the past four weeks.  While we explored specific themes and design details, I would like to dig a little deeper into the heart of Meg.  For week 5 of the One Room Challenge High Point Market Edition, we are diving completely into her essence. We will explore how I've translated her nature into the environment. One of the most recognizable things about Meg is her Southern Charm and Hospitality.  How does this show up in the room?  Well lets see...  





shaken not stirred


Last week we explored themes with Meg, and this week we are toasting it up with the Queen of the Hotties!  That can only mean that we are going to focus on the bar area.  I don't know about you all, but when I step out for a night on the town, I dig going to establishments with amazing ambiance.  There is nothing like being immersed in an environment that resonates with all of your senses!  The One Room Challenge High Point Market Edition for me is all about creating this fantasy environment at home.  I want it to be endlessly appealing, bold yet curated, and perfect for all of the happenings of life.  This was a huge week for Meg, and it's time to celebrate so let's talk details...





exploring themes with meg

megan-thee-stallion-fever-cover-story (1

After announcing I would be working with Megan Thee Stallion as my inspiration for the One Room Challenge High Point Market Edition, I shared with you all of my initial thoughts concerning her space.  This week was all about digging deeper into the essence of who Megan is and how she might live her daily life.  A huge source of information for me was her Instagram page.  Megan shares many aspects of her life on the gram, so I knew I could really zero in on her personal and professional life. For week 3 I’m focusing on the themes discussed in week 2 and how these ideas will manifest in the room! 





When I was considering whom I would build my One Room Challenge space for, I wondered how I could make the opportunity count!  How could I use my design voice to show honor and pay homage to someone special?  I wanted to select someone who was inspirational, unapologetically authentic, bold in their ideals, and maybe somewhat misunderstood.  My goal is to dive into their essence and zero in on who they are, how they see themselves, and what kind of environment they might thrive in.  The person that I chose is featured in the TIME MAGAZINE 100 Most Influential People.  She is a Pop Culture Phenomenon and is using her voice to drop some serious knowledge with a powerful message.  


I am very excited to announce that my client for the ORC Highpoint Market Edition is...   




Okay Squad! The wait it over. This is the official first post of the ORC HPMKT Edition! This Fall the ORC is virtual and sponsored by High Point Market.  I am extremely excited to take you through my process of designing a remarkable space with mad appeal.  A little backstory is that a lot of my clients are getting into what I call "resort style living," meaning that they want their homes to feel more like they are on a vacation.  I love the idea of the bringing the destination feeling home.  Over the next six weeks I will give you a behind the scenes look at the magic that goes into creating iconic vibes.  I have a really dope concept that I'm excited to share with you, and the first sneak peek is of the empty room.  The possibilities are endless and I'm so glad you are here!!! 

First LOOK!

Highpoint CLAY_Unnamed space-1.png

Check out this BEFORE shot of one of the angles of the room. I love the natural light, and views of the city.  The other amazing part is the super high ceilings, which is an opportunity to make a huge impact!  This space is the perfect environment for me to share with you all my definition of "resort style."  Next week I will be announcing who my client is, and some of my initial plans.  Stay tuned because there is sooo much more to come! 

Visit the other ORC designers

The other exciting part of the 6 week ORC HPMKT Edition is that there are 19 additional designers and colleagues of mine that are creating amazing spaces as well!  Please be sure to visit/follow their blogs to see what they are up to!  All the links are below for your viewing pleasure.  BOOM!

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