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Welcome to Traders Haven Design!

Start with Anthony

ICONIC BY DESIGN is Traders Haven Design’s philosophy. We work with many aesthetics, but our projects are always luxe, lush, and fresh with a bit of edge. Traders Haven Design is a boutique interior design, luxury living and staging firm. We service commercial properties, luxury developments, homes and estates and we produce original artwork. We want to make your home beautiful, but functional as well. Traders Haven Design’s Principal Designer and home staging expert, Anthony Dunning, works to achieve the highest level of quality and efficiency in each of our projects. He understands the importance of serving and being an inspiration to those around him, which he communicates through his work with Traders Haven Design. His portfolio includes multiple projects for salon brand Fox & Jane, including their new concept LITTLELION, and the homes of prominent newsmakers, trendsetters and tastemakers.

You can find Traders Haven Design on Facebook, Twitter (@TradersHaven), and Instagram (@anthonymdunning).

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