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Every Space Has Its Own Identity

One of my favorite projects to work on has been LITTLELION Salon of Cairns and Canu, the owners of FOX & JANE Salon Brand. For this project, I developed the complete vision and aesthetic. The space was completely gutted, so I had a blank canvas.

I focused on functionality and high-impact design. I needed to maximize the narrow layout and deliver a space so aesthetically pleasing that people would be excited to return. It was important to me that the space allowed for a seamless experience. It’s New York City, and although space is often limited, you don’t want to be elbow-to-elbow with the next client getting a double process or a balayage.

To accomplish a sense of openness, I selected a tone-on-tone color palette with rich finishes. In order to maximize space, I went with mounted salon stations. In keeping with functionality, I used modular furniture — most of the pieces are moveable. For example, the wall-mounted vanity I designed is slim and sleek and fully functional, but offers ample space for the clients and stylists.

The elements I believe speak most to Trader Haven Design’s motto — ICONIC BY DESIGN — are the custom mirrors, which I designed and had made by a metal fabricator in New Jersey. The mirrors are mounted from the ceiling and to the wall, giving them an airy, floating effect. It draws the eye up in the space and makes the ceiling seem taller. Then there was the boldest choice I made, which was the textured wall behind the salon stations. I collaborated with my contractor to create a layered paint technique, which is a nod to the traditional textured wall, but is updated and oozing with an urban cool vibe. The wall is fun, fresh, and fashionable, just like the salon’s clientele. You will notice this wall serves as the backdrop for the salon’s Instagram photos.

The ultimate challenge of this project was making sure that I gave LITTLELION its own identity, separate from FOX & JANE. The bright, clean environment is a perfect place to recharge while you beautify yourself. It is luxe and high end without being pretentious.

You can find LITTLELION at 315 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

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