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Dominique Sharpton's New York City Apartment is a Dream

Traders Haven Design had the opportunity to create a new living space for powerhouse, Dominique Sharpton. After the project was finished, we sat down with Dominique to discuss what the design process was like for her:

Q: What were your goals for this space?

A: I wanted to be able to create, invent, and entertain, but also be comfortable.

Q: Was there anything that you knew you wanted in the new space (i.e. color, type of furniture, etc.)?

A: I knew I wanted light walls and more storage space and that I had a few great pieces purchased that I wanted to keep. But, I was really ready to be transformed and knew I needed to make strong decisions, like parting with some things that may not fit in the vision for the new design.

Q: How much input did you have in the renovation?

A: Very little, but I trusted Anthony and he made great decisions based on my personality and what he knew about me to create the perfect space for me. He did a fantastic job in setting a good foundation at the start of the process. He took into account my needs, aesthetic, and wants, which made the renovation go extremely smooth.

Q: What inspired the color palette you went with?

A: I’m a bright and vibrant person and wanted my personal space to reflect my personality and enhance my style. My place previously was very dark and a bit depressing. With that in mind, we decided on light, neutral walls with bold pops of color.

Q: What was your favorite part in designing the new space?

A: Organizing and de-cluttering my belongings. I had accumulated so many things over time to try to compensate for the fact that I wasn’t really comfortable in my own place. Now that I love it, I’ve been getting rid of any and everything that I don’t need. The renovation has changed the way I live in my home and it feels great to have peace of mind when I walk through my door.

Q: What do you think this space says about you? A: I’m, organized but bold, specific and intentional but not boring; I am confident and radiant and the space speaks exactly to this.

Q: How does the new space make you feel? A: I feel so happy to come home. It has been become my favorite place to spend time since the renovation. It has made a huge impact on my life. I’m no longer hesitant to have people over and I feel like I can host anyone at home instead of going out all the time. I am completely comfortable in my space because it reflects more of who I am and I am confident to show this off any chance I get.

Q: Has it affected how you view your home? A: Absolutely! I used to have dark walls and felt it was lacking inspiration there. My views have changed drastically with the new design.

Q: Was there anything about the design process that made you nervous or had doubts about? A: Initially, one of the paintings was entirely blue. I didn’t want to cramp Anthony’s creative flow, but I spoke to him and he changed it with no problem, adding vibrant colors and a beautiful design to my once blue piece of art. The painting was totally transformed and now I can’t stop smiling at it. I would highly recommend letting Anthony design any of your spaces. He is a gifted and talented designer and artist. I’m so glad that I took the step to better myself by having the perfect personal space.


My favorite part about designing Dominique’s home was figuring out how to capture her essence throughout the space. She is bold, dynamic, and sophisticated; this is a woman who spends a good amount of her life working with one of the leading civil rights organizations in the Nation, empowering America’s youth. It was extremely important to give her an elevated space where she could unwind and recharge.

The biggest challenge was finding enough space for storage. To solve this, I used a few key pieces of furniture that were not only stylish, but also provided ample space for all of her things. This was a rewarding project to work on and I am thrilled that Dominique entrusted her home to me. We were able to develop a luxe, fun, unique space that is fully functional and will serve Dominique well in all aspects of her life.

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