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RETREAT: a place of privacy or safety: REFUGE

My main goal in building this room for Megan is to honor who she is as a person.  Often times when it comes to celebrities, there is a public persona and then there's the individual.  What is interesting about Megan is that she lives within her own authenticity on and off the camera.  She is not asking permission to be who she wants to be.  Historically, the identity of black women has been communicated in a very monolithic way with no regard for their individuality.  Megan refuses to allow societal norms to cramp her style.  This doesn't mean the absence of scrutiny; As a public figure, Megan lives life in the limelight, and there are a lot of ideas and opinions about her because of how she decides to express herself.  I'm building her a space where she can unwind, recharge, turn up, celebrate, and see herself reflected in. Her own retreat at home.      

Floor Plann.png

My space plan is divided into 4 sections, which include, a dining area, conversation area, terrace, and bar.  The idea is that this space is versatile for Meg.  I want this area of her home to be appropriate for daily use.  In addition, I want her to be able to entertain and receive guests in this area.  The challenge is to ensure that the overall design lends itself to the fun and energetic part of Megan's life as well as her more introspective side.  I noticed that she is a guest at some of the most extraordinary homes and parties and, we are giving her a space where she can host get-togethers and maybe even holiday dinner.  The plan is not finalized, but we are getting there!  


This elevation is a 1st draft of the configuration that I am considering for the room.  In my space plan, I want to keep the central areas of the room open so that navigating through the space is easy and there is an organic flow.  The beauty of the space plan is that it can be adjusted depending on her needs and how she will be using it.  

RESTORATION: an act of restoring or the condition of being restored

When I consider what restoration means in terms of environment, I am drawn to the idea of creating an escape.  I love environments that make you feel like you are somewhere else in the world completely.  How amazing is it to be able to have this type of experience at home on a daily basis without having to travel? We can't always getaway to our favorite vacation spots because of schedules and well life.  Bringing the vacation home is a huge opportunity! I'm also very interested in organic and natural materials.  I wanted to include items that were connected to the earth.  With this in mind, I have selected the table and chairs I will use in the dining area.

Sigma Drive table by. Cattelan Italia

Extendible table with a transparent varnished metal base. Top and extensions in Canaletto walnut, burned or natural oak with solid irregular edges. The finish of the base identifies a transparent coating on ferrous raw material. The presence of more or less obvious stains, color variations, scratches, and irregular edges is a feature of the special material processing and should not be considered a defect.


Joshua Tree Barrell Chair

Barrel chairs with handwoven banana leaves over a teak frame.

POWER: having great power, prestige, or influence

Excerpt from Megan's New York Times op-ed

"I’ve received quite a bit of attention for appearance as well as my talent. I choose my own clothing. Let me repeat: I choose what I wear, not because I am trying to appeal to men, but because I am showing pride in my appearance, and a positive body image is central to who I am as a woman and a performer. I value compliments from women far more than from men. But the remarks about how I choose to present myself have often been judgmental and cruel, with many assuming that I’m dressing and performing for the male gaze. When women choose to capitalize on our sexuality, to reclaim our own power, like I have, we are vilified and disrespected."

This is a powerful statement by Megan, and I appreciate her candidness.  I know there are many black women who share this sentiment. This is yet another reason that I am proud to use my platform as a black male designer to let her know that she is heard and appreciated. Salute Queen!  

flor plan.png

The plan is coming along nicely, and I think you can see how the Resort Style is coming to life for Megan...let me know what you think in the comments below!

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The other exciting part of the 6 week ORC HPMKT Edition is that there are 19 additional designers and colleagues of mine that are creating amazing spaces as well!  Please be sure to visit/follow their blogs to see what they are up to!  All the links are below for your viewing pleasure.  BOOM!


More exciting elements next week!

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